Zayzoo's Bizzare Adventure: Page 7

There's a handful of stuff that's been changed alot about Zayzoo's Bizzare Adventure ever since Page 6.
First of all, I redid the Starri's Palace map, because I wanted it to resemble more like a house!
This is something the old map failed at doing.
And before you ask, the TV actually is already in this new version of the map!

If you're noticing anything about how the game looks, that's not just you!
I've added a subtle bloom shader to the game, to make it look just a bit better!
You can even control the intensity of it in the game's new settings menu!

And finally, for the last major change to the game! I've finally had the motivation tofinish the title screen!
I added the Zayzoo waving I promised before, as well as a starry background I made from scratch in!
Infact, is the main tool used for creating the art for this game.

That's all I can really think of that I've added for this pretty big update! Stay tuned for more updates!

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