Zayzoo's Bizzare Adventure: Page 6

Y'know, I don't really update this page often, do I?
Well, there's definitely been some work since Page 5.
Not only is there more progress on the Starri's Palace map, but there's also a TV.

This isn't just any TV, It's a special TV that actually has some sequences it randomly picks.
Once a sequence (or broadcast as it's called in the game files) is completed, it'll wait for a bit before showing another one.
Once ZBA is released, you'll be able to script your own broadcasts, because they're all kept on ".tvs" files in a mini-language.

Another important thing is that Zayzoo has a dive move now!
I want to work on Zayzoo's moveset and make it more diverse, give him more moves, y'know?

Okay, that's... basically it for this update, See you in the next page when that comes out.
And before you ask, the colors may look slightly different in the Starri's Palace map because I changed some of the lighting settings.

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