Zayzoo's Bizzare Adventure: Page 5

It's been a while, hasn't it?
Well, I haven't been exactly making much progress on ZBA,
mostly due to the monster we know as demotivation,
but I am now working on the map for an area in the game known as Starri's Palace.
Below is a screenshot of what the map looks like right now in the map editor.

Of course, the map is unfinished, but I'll get around to finishing it eventually... I hope...
As for who Starri is, she's a character in the game who's going to be Zayzoo's companion.
Starri is actually more of an original character, surprisingly enough.

I think she's kinda cute. Especially with the blush.
Starri actually already has a model in the game, so you should hopefully be
seeing what that looks like in some future pages.
(if demotivation doesn't get the better of me, that is)

So yeah, that's kind-of all I wanted to share.
See you in the next development update.

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