Zayzoo's Bizzare Adventure: Page 4

I've been working on ZBA more frequently, because I haven't felt as demotivated
to work on this game. This page is a bit of quick update on what progress I've made since last update.

First off, there's now support for putting models in maps, These models aren't of the same
type as Zayzoo's model, but rather they're single .obj files you can put in the map's "mdl" directory.
So, they're alot simpler to make code for.

The white cube seen in the image below is a custom model, but of course the engine can also
import and use more complicated shapes as well.

I've also implemented saves into the game. They're kind-of a work in progress right now.
By the time this game is done, there will probably be more info saved within the files.
Below is an image of the file select menu.

Speaking of menus, there's one last thing I want to share, and that's the title screen.
I've made alot of progress on it since the first image of it back in Page 1.
Here's an image of what the title screen looks like now.

It's quite the change, Now all I need is a Zayzoo waving in the corner and I'm all set.
Quick little side-note, I have an image of the title screen from a very old build of the game,
so I may share that in the future.

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