Zayzoo's Bizzare Adventure is a 3D platformer I've been working on for a pretty long time.
This isn't your normal 3D platformer, it's a crossover extravaganza with references to a-lot of other things,
some of which you might not except, or maybe even know about.
(trust me, ZBA references and sources from some pretty obscure stuff)


(dates are in the format yyyy-mm-dd)
Page 1: introduction to zayzoo's bizzare adventure (2023-08-26)
Page 2: some progress and a big delay in updates (2023-09-19)
Page 3: new map editor and format (2023-11-07)
Page 4: quick update on the game, some new things (2023-11-12)
Page 5: showing off the first map of the game and one of it's characters (i forgor to add this one for a while, so no date)
Page 6: bit of an update, including working/functional tv (2024-03-06)
Page 7: added some more stuff, including finishing the title screen (2024-04-06)
Page 8: brand new map editor in zba's code with a quick player testing feature (2024-06-12)

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